Open Water swimming ...

Often the part of a triathlon that is feared the most.  From novice to seasoned athletes, open water swimming can be an intimidating experience.  One to one or in small groups you can be shown the skill and technique of open water swimming, building confidence in a controlled way.  Once mastered open water swimming can become as enjoyable as cycling and running disciplines.


Cost varies depending on numbers, price guide 60 min session one person £30, two people £50 (plus lake entry fee, approx. £5)

Open water swim

Pool swimming ...

Everyone is used to swimming in a pool, but is your swimming  as efficient as it could be, leaving you plenty of energy for the rest of the race?  Our swim technique sessions focus on your swim style and technique using video analysis and poolside playback, both over and under the water. Visually see aspects of your stroke which can be improved upon and perfect them, with the use of specific drills.

Key areas covered:

  • Streamlining and kicking
  • Rotation and breathing
  • Underwater pull and pathways
  • Timing of stroke
  • Principles of swimming

Current swim technique session, go to training days.

Pool swim