Often the discipline that is taken for granted.  After all “everyone can run, can’t they?”

When a triathlete starts the run leg of a race they are already fatigued, which can result in a loss of run form and technique.

Learning to run as efficiently as your body allows is the key to endurance running.

With the use of video playback and Silicon coach software an athlete is able to visually analyse their run style and make improvements with the help of specific drills.

Run technique sessions focus on:

  • Foot stroke
  • Body and head position
  • Stride length
  • Leg recovery
  • Use of arms
  • Timing

A series of drills are covered to improve specific areas requiring attention and progressive session plan ideas prescribed. 

Technique sessions are available to individuals, groups and clubs.  Cost varies depending on numbers, price guide 90 min session one person £48, two people £75.