training plans

Example of training plansWhat are the benefits of a training plan?  Here’s just a few…

  • Tailored programme for each individual athlete and "specific to your goals"
  • Training appropriate for the distances you are racing including intensity of sessions
  • Getting the best return from the training time you have available
  • Brick training, combining two disciplines together
  • Balancing training with rest, allowing the ‘training effect’ to take place

What’s on offer?  From £9 per week…

  • Detailed plan in daily format (£40 per 4 weeks)
  • Weekly summary plans (£35 per 4 weeks)
  • All plans include regular progress checks and feedback between coach and athlete
  • From 8 to 26 week programmes
  • Triathlon, Marathon, cycle and swimming events
  • View a sample plan (PDF)

Mark at the finish line at Dragon Slayer duathlon April 2012I was cycling competitively when two serious accidents in quick succession made me take stock. I still wanted (needed!) to train hard and compete, but had somewhat lost my appetite for road racing. I’ve always enjoyed running so duathlons seemed to be the obvious solution, but I needed some guidance if I was to get the best out of my training. With Jon, we worked out which competitions to enter and identified which one should be my ‘A’ race. From there, Jon created a programme specific to me and my targets. The feedback sessions were invaluable as they enabled me to analyse and fine-tune my training. The results speak for themselves with good positions in all races, including 1st male vet in this year’s ‘Dragon Slayer’ duathlon (April 2012). A great result for my debut season!
(Photo - finish line at Dragon Slayer duathlon April 2012)

Brigit at the Hever Castle Triathlon Sept 2012 Exercise is important to me but most of the time my approach is unstructured. However, every year I set myself one ‘big goal’ to work towards. This summer, I entered the Hever Castle mid-distance Triathlon… then immediately started to worry that I’d made a mistake! Even though I run regularly, ride a bit, and swim (a littler bit), I just didn’t know where to start. That’s where Jon came in. He devised a programme that was varied, enjoyable and right for ME. As a newbie, with limited time to train, my aims were simply to enjoy my race and feel strong throughout. During training, improvements soon showed which was incredibly motivating. Thanks to Jon’s plan, I hit the start line feeling prepared and confident. The race was fantastic and I felt a great sense of achievement as I crossed the finish line.
(Photo - Hever Castle Triathlon Sept 2012)