Good core stability and conditioning are crucial for performance but very often overlooked in endurance training.

Why strengthen your core muscles?

These muscles are very important for correct posture, when standing, walking or any day to day functional movements.

What happens if I have poor core strength?

Swimming – Poor streamlining and hip rotation causing swaying and dropped hip position.
Cycling – Excessive rocking from side to side when climbing in the saddle and pushing a big gear.
Running – Dropping of shoulders, the impression of ‘sitting in a bucket!’

Build up your muscle strength and endurance during the ‘off season’ to be able to  perform for longer, experience less fatigue and help prevent injuries.  Practice strength and core exercises specific to the disciplines of triathlon.  Take away ideas to compile your own program at home. 

Core and conditioning sessions are available to individuals, groups or clubs price guide, 90 min session one person £45, two people £70.

I have found core work hugely beneficial to all three disciplines and I love to find new excercises, as this part of my training (as I'm sure you know yourself) can get very boring unless there is some variety.
Rowan O'Driscoll

Core stability exercises