EFFICIENCY, COMFORT and TESTING - The three most important factors for improving results on your bike.

Bike testing and analysis ...

Performance testing is key to identifying your specific training zones.  Optimal power, pedal stroke, cadence, heart rate and gear selection are analysed, allowing you to get an improved return form your training.  Training zones for power and heart rate will be calculated to help you train at the correct intensity for the specific phase of your training.

Computrainer anaylsis

Computrainer sessions

Gain more power with less effort!

Increase your ...
+ cycling power by 20-30%
+ speed by 2-4 MPH
+ leg power
+ overall race speed

Technically understand what improvements you can make and add structure to your training.

Cost varies depending on numbers, price guide one hour session for one person £65.

Specific riding positions are normally required for different race distances to offset comfort, power and aerodynamics.  For example a 10 mile TT will differ from an Ironman riding position.  With the aid of video, pedalling stroke and riding position are filmed to determine your best aerodynamic position.

Fit 4 Tri offers riding position analysis on its own or together with Computrainer sessions, please get in touch.

Bike skills ...

It’s not all about straight line, speed and power.  Most race courses are on rolling terrain where good bike handling skills are essential to overall race times, even closed road circuits have dead turns to contend with. 

Rider position, gear selection, cornering, climbing and descending are all skills that make the difference to the bike leg of your race.

Fit 4 Tri offers ... to individuals, groups or clubs

  • Bike handling and skill sessions
  • Guided rides, including skills
  • Group riding skills (formation; through and off)
  • Road confidence and skills for novice riders

Cost varies depending on numbers, price guide 90 min skills session one person £45, two people £70.

  Bike skills - cornering